Avatar Market exclusively uses the GT (game tokens) fictional currency which is used across many virtual worlds, social media and websites.  GT's are traded via 3rd party exchange operators. The Exchange Operators will set the rate of exchange and negotiate the trades directly.

Exchange Functions


   * Sell GT's

   * Buy GT's

   * Trade GT's

   * Personal Loans

   * Business Loans

   * Stock Exchange

Active Exchange Operators

Avatar Credit Score

Avatar loans will generate an avatar credit score.

GT Credit Cards

GT Credit Cards are used to buy products and services. Approval is based on the individual avatar credit score.

25,000 GT Limit

Requires min 100 Credit Score

250,000 GT Limit

Requires min 700 Credit Score


* PLEASE NOTE - Avatar Market is not a bank, deposits do not yield any type of interest payment. Deposits are only to assist with sales and purchases on the system easier.

Game Tokens (GT) is a fictional currency designed to be used exclusively within the system. Trades of GT are made via approved 3rd party exchange operators only.